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What to Bring on the Coast-to-Coast Walk

Ramble Worldwide | Thu 17 Feb 2022

When it comes to lengthy excursions, it’s always important to come prepared. You can never be sure just what elements and obstacles you’re going to face during your coast-to-coast walk, so we’d recommend keeping a well-packed bag of essentials with you at all times.

Not too sure what to pack? Not to worry, here’s our list of essentials created by our experienced walkers, ensuring that you’re properly prepared for whatever the world throws at you during your walking holiday.

Kit List

Water bottle - at least 1-litre capacity (more than 1 bottle may be required)

Staying hydrated is a number one priority, so taking a couple of clean water sources with you comes above all else. 

Reliable Footwear

It may be an obvious one, but a pair of lightweight waterproof hiking boots with a good form of ankle support is essential when taking on any uneven terrain.

A waterproof jacket

British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, so a waterproof jacket comes at the very top of our list as you can never be too ready for whatever elements you may come to face on your coast to coast walk. 

Quick-drying trousers

Similar to the jacket, it’s important to keep dry and warm, so bringing a pair of quick-drying or even waterproof trousers will vastly reduce your exposure to nature’s tests. 

Walking T-shirts/shirts

Walking shirts are great when it comes to lengthy excursions, the breathable material keeps you cool and wicks away any moisture while not limiting your movement in any way. 

It’s also suggested that you pack one or two shirts, having a spare can be a real lifesaver should you need to change on the go. 

Walking socks

Often overlooked when packing essentials, hiking socks are an excellent companion as the breathable material is not only great at keeping your feet moisture-free but they’re also cushioned, preventing any blisters that you would’ve surely got when wearing cotton socks. 

Fleece or jumper

Whereas it is important to keep cool and light, it’s also recommended that you pack a fleece or jumper to keep warm, as temperatures can get pretty nippy when the wind picks up. 

Sun Protection

Even on a cool day, the sun can still be a hazard if you spend too long exposed to UV rays, so packing a shaded hat and some sunglasses will greatly reduce your eye fatigue while putting on some SPF lip salve and sunblock will keep your hard to cover areas free from sunburn. 

Warm hat and gloves

If it’s looking like a cold or windy walk, a warm set of hat and gloves will make it all the more bearable. 

Daysack & Liner

There are a number of things you’re going to need during your trek, so having a strong, reliable and weight distributing daysack is essential. 

Keeping a liner inside your daysack will prevent spillages from leaking, and provide protection from the elements. 

Basic first aid kit

You can never predict what's going to happen when on uneven terrain, so keeping some basic first aid at hand such as a bandage, plasters and antiseptic wipes can be a real help. 

Walking poles

If you struggle with arthritis or steep slopes and maintaining balance, walking poles can be a great help, so if you feel as though you need them, pack a pair. 

We understand that everyone has their own essentials, so this list is a basic guide on what to bring on your coast to coast walk. However, if you’re feeling ready to take on the cross-country adventure, then head over to our website and book today.

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